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What are Miracle Frooties?

Well , Miracle Frooties are tablets made from the Miracle Fruit (also known as the Miracle Berry or Synsepalum dulcificum), a bush originally from Western Africa.

Each packet contains 10 frooties, each of which can be split in two (but you are probably not going to want to share). The effect lasts for about 30min-1hour (or more if you aren't eating/drinking much).

So, what actually are Miracle Fruit?


A good question , and one I knew you'd ask. Miracle fruit at first glance are pretty dull little berries, not particularly tasty and never likely to go to the cool parties with mangos and kiwi.

They however do have one unique and amazing property. Rolling a miracle fruit around your mouth for a bit reveal a hidden talent. They change how your taste buds react to sour and bitter flavours (don't worry its not permanent!). Lemons suddenly taste like lemonade! Strawberry's become the sweetest, most delicious strawberries you've had in your whole life.

Want to try it? You're not alone. Although it's been known for a while (300 odd years) in the Western world its only been since the development of these lollies a few years ago that demand has exploded.

Don't believe it?

Have a look at the links and video below... or just google for 'miracle fruit'!

Where can I find more info?

Some links


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